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Pulsation Dampers

The pulsation dampers are used to stabilize the flow and the pressure in circuits with volumetric and dosing pumps.

A pulsation damper is a vessel with gas inside, normally Nitrogen.
In all the pulsation dampers there is an element to isolate the gas form the circuit liquid. Its main function is to avoid the gas loss. This piece that separates both fluids is made basically with 2 materials: rubber (Nitrile, EPDM, FPM, Butyl, Silicone, etc.) and a thermoplastic material (usually PTFE).
When the rubber is used, the dampener is named bladder or bag type. And if PTFE is used, we talk of membrane or bellows type, according to the separator element shape. The choice of one type or other will depends on the special performances of the circuit such as: the pressure, the temperature and the possible corrosive effect that could be produced by the liquid of the circuit.

Recently, we have developed a new type of dampener for high temperatures: the metal bellows dampener. All the dampener is made in Stainless Steel.

All our pulsation dampeners are manufactured according to PED97/23/CE directive and its design is according to AD-Merkblatt and ASME VIII Div.1 Codes.

Pulsation Dampers - Bladder type
Bladder Type
membrane pulsation damper 01
Membrane Type
Pulsation Dampers - Bladder type
Bellow Type
Pressure curve
Technical Article
Questionary to calculate the adequate pulsation damper for metereing pumps

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